My Résumé


Self-made high achiever: Earned my AAS while studying full time, working full time, drilling with the New York Air National Guard, and starting a new family. Earned my BS while working full time as an engineer, training with the Georgia Air National Guard, and taking care of my family. I’ve worked my way up based on merit and opportunity. I know what it’s like to face the hardships that life deals us and not give up.  I also know what it’s like to be knocked down flat to the ground and somehow find the courage to get back up. I’ve worked with some very wonderful people from various parts of the world and from a variety of religions. As a supervisor, I’ve stood up for my crew. People are more than just a “resource” and therefore deserve to be treated with respect. My decisions and actions are guided by values that are rooted deeply in my faith. This is who I am!


5G • MapInfo • JDSU • Analysis • RF • Wireless • Telecommunications • Actix • WindCatcher • NetAct • XCap • XCal-M • XCal Solo •  Netspan


Senior 5G RF Optimization Engineer
Nokia (contractor)
Aug 2022 – Apr 2023
As the ABIO RF Point of Contact (POC) for the local market, I managed over 300 integrations for the ABIO swap project, verifying KPI (Key Performance Indicators) performance including RACH, traffic volume, accessibility, and retainability. I ensured seamless coordination with construction, data fill team, and fault management to address and resolve service affecting alarms, swapped sectors, sleepy cells, RET configuration, and RTWP imbalance issues. Additionally, I assigned and reviewed SSV drive tests analyzing RSRP, RSRQ, SNR, HO’s, and throughputs, and submitted monitoring, on air, SSV, and SSP reports to clients. I also reviewed and edited SST drive test routes, consistently meeting and exceeding project goals and customer expectations.

Radio Frequency Engineer
Apr 2020 – Jun 2022
As a cluster Engineer, my experience includes new node performance analysis, customer trouble ticket investigation and resolution, top offender optimization, review of parameters via Nokia NetAct, running EdenNet macros, performing cluster optimization, and addressing RTWP imbalances. With a strong eye for detail and keen analytical abilities, I have consistently improved KPIs and ensured optimal network performance. I also prioritized customer satisfaction and to that end, ensured prompt resolution of service issues through clear communication, close collaboration with cross-functional teams, and effective use of troubleshooting tools.

RF Engineer III
Mar 2015 – Mar 2020
Specializing in local market 2.5 GHz LTE integration and optimization, including Samsung D1 (Clearwire) and D2 TDD LTE sites and Airspan mini-macros, I frequently performed drive-test and in-building walk-test troubleshooting using tools such as Xcal-M, XCal Solo, and WindCatcher. I also played a key role in optimizing high-profile locations such as MSP Airport, US Bank Stadium, Target Center, and the Minnesota State Fair. Through careful analysis and optimization of network parameters, I ensured that all KPIs were surpassed and customer expectations were met. My strong communication skills and ability to work cross-functionally were essential to my success in this role.

RF Engineer II
Sprint (contractor)
Mar 2014 – Mar 2015
I reviewed and approved the LTE ATP’s (800 MHz , 1900 MHz, 2500 MHz), and No Harm reports. In addition, I conducted drive tests and in-building tests for optimization and troubleshooting, and resolved Top Gun mesh issues for the Minnesota market. Through careful analysis and optimization of network parameters, I ensured that all KPIs were surpassed and customer expectations were met. My strong communication skills and ability to work cross-functionally were essential to my success in this role.

Radio Frequency Engineer
Samsung Telecommunications America (contractor)
Feb 2013 – Mar 2014
While assigned to the Sprint Network Vision project, I coordinated drive-test teams during M1 and M2 migrations, E911, and IVHHO testing. In addition, I created and assigned cluster drives, analyzed KPI’s, antenna line sweeps, and proposed rooftop solutions. I collaborated with cross-functional teams and construction engineers to ensure successful implementation of network optimization. Being able to effectively communicate and thrive in a fast-paced environments were crucial to my success.

Radio Frequency Engineer
Ericsson (contractor)
Aug 2012 – Feb 2013
Consultant for Ericsson: Propose, drive-test, troubleshoot, and optimize IS-41 handoffs between Sprint and roaming partners involving Lucent and Motorola equipment and involving both the 1900 MHz and 850 MHz frequency bands.. Operate Invex and JDSU data collection software, utilize MapInfo for planning and Delorme Topo for navigation. Analyze data via WindCatcher and prepare detailed report to include relevant snapshots of drivetest Rx, Ec/Io, and PN results along with recommendations.

Radio Frequency Engineer
Ericsson (contractor)
Nov 2010 – May 2012 (1 year 7 months)
Capacity Engineer: Provide site configurations for carrier adds. Process T1 orders and provide RF market orders. Perform capacity verification for repeater based in-building solutions. Perform capacity planning for special events. Coordinate voice and EVDO channel element moves (physical cards and licenses). Submit capacity funding requests for voice and EVDO carriers and T1 augments.

Field Engineering Site Auditor
Sandoval Engineering (independent consultant)
Apr 2010 – Oct 2010
Conducted microwave site audits; inspected radios, antennas; recorded and documented azimuths, heights, coordinates; prepared daily audit reports; prepared client presentations.

RF Engineer II
Apr 1999 – Mar 2009

Capacity Engineer: Perform JIT analysis & forecasting for EVDO and CDMA voice carriers, TI’s, and channel cards; created and presented capital funding requests

Performance Engineer: new site integration; drive-test data and layer-3 analysis using WindCatcher; candidate evaluation; capacity and coverage analysis; RF propagation analysis using Planet EV

Optimization Specialist: Integration and cluster optimization drive and walk testing using JDSU, Invex, Qualcomm. Supported in-building optimization of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

MILITARY Background

Air National Guard

1989 – 2012

Quality Assurance Evaluator (Rank: MSgt): Perform personnel, technical, and managerial evaluations on personnel, equipment, and work centers. Identify discrepancies and make recommendations for improvements.

Wideband Communications Team Chief: Supervised a four man team and managed the deployment, installation, and maintenance of mobile TRC-170 tactical wideband communications equipment.  Maintained multiplexors, up-converters, transmitters, receivers, down converters, HPA’s.

Kuwait deployment 2002 — SatCom night-shift supervisor: Supervised night crew maintaining wideband LOS (GRC-239 – TSSR’s) and SatCom (TSC-94) links and CATV.

United Arab Emirates deployment 2004 — Ground Radio supervisor: supervised crew of active duty, National Guard, and civilians maintaining LMR, HF, and UHF base radio equipment.

Prior service – US Army, Fuel and Electrical Repair; Army National Guard, Forward Observer (FiST)


Bachelor of Science in Technical Management Degree Concentration in Project Management DeVry University, Atlanta, GA (2009) Summa Cum Laude  

Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Technology Farmingdale State College (SUNY), Farmingdale, NY


Holy Language Institute – steward (volunteer)

American Legion

Amateur Radio Technician Class licenseKV8FZT


English – native speaker

Spanish – fluent, advanced

Tagalog, Urdu, Hindi – elementary

Hebrew (Biblical) – read through the 5 books of the Torah and currently reading through the Prophets

I’ve also “dabbled” in an odd assortment of other languages to include Italian, German, Korean, Mandarin, Arabic